Call For Ideas 2017/2018

In the context of the 50th Independence Anniversary of Mauritius, the Mauritius Research Council (MRC) is pleased to invite the citizens and diaspora of the Republic of Mauritius to reflect upon the future of the country.  The purpose of coming up with grand challenges is to identify and support clear priorities for coordinated research and innovation efforts with a view to finding innovative ideas to enhance the quality of life of citizens through collaboration and joint leadership.

As such, we are calling for submissions of Grand Challenges/Ideas with a view to facilitating the finding of sustainable solutions. Submit Now!

A Grand Challenge is a strategic platform that helps to identify critical barriers holding back progress in addressing critical problems, develops targeted programmes  to fund teams to develop solutions to overcome these barriers and implements strategies to help to bring these solutions to scale in order to address the pressing challenges faced by the Republic of Mauritius”.
-Adapted from Grand Challenges Canada.

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Examples of Contributions

Please use the examples as a template for your submissions.
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