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    Description: One of the most soul-destroying things is traffic. It affects people in every part of Mauritius (whether it’s by taking away your life or making you lose your abilities). It’s horrible.
    We have seen the introduction of speed cameras, fines but still the number of deaths on our roads have not changed significantly. Hence, it’s important to dig furthermore into this problem, since a Mauritius with low level of road safety is a Mauritius with a low economic progress since lot of lives are taken away instead of these lives making Mauritius progress economically. It’s only acting as barrier to our future.

    Potential Problems and Solutions:
    -We have seen that most of the accidents that have occurred in Mauritius are mostly due to unreasonable speed. Though the installation of an electronic device known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation(ISA) in vehicles, it ensures that the speed doesn’t exceed a legally enforced speed by alerting the driver or reducing the speed automatically.
    Else if a driver exceeds the speed limit, a warning should be given the first time, including a fine. Then if there are repetitions, then the driver should be doing community works instead of paying fine, which is more effective.

    -Also, if an accident has occurred, people tend to lose life only due to the expense of not wearing a seat belt. In similar cases, the life of a child is also not spared.
    The mandatory seat belt laws should be reinforced, and the vehicle should include child safety seats in proper condition. In that case, the price of a child safety seat should be reviewed since it might not be affordable for some people.

    – According to a study, most accidents imply two wheelers.
    To reduce this problem, a law should be passed so that cyclists or bicycle riders should wear helmet to guarantee their lives as well as those two wheelers drivers should be wearing light color clothing.

    -The formation of new drivers also pays an important role in Traffic management and Road Safety.
    New drivers are not trained to drive in heavy rain, night time, situations when they are fogs or huge traffic congestion. Moreover, they are taking driving test alone but will be driving with passengers. The driving is way too exam-oriented and there’s absolutely no learning of rules and principles.
    Another thing that should be reviewed is that new drivers are not allowed to drive on motorway but as soon as a license is obtained, they can drive there.
    A solution would be to teach those young drivers an appropriate mindset and behaviors on the road and teaching them on a maximum of two years while they have a probationary driving license. They would obtain their license if no offenses to the laws have been committed in that lapse of time.
    They should also have a notion of mechanics since accidents arise when mechanic faults are present.

    – A training center for the training for drivers of motorized two wheelers should be built in Mauritius, where those wheelers would be performing routine tests.

    -Faded road marks should be repainted, renewal of Sign posts and introducing some pedestrian crossings near some schools along with policemen to regulate traffics. There should also be an increase in roundabouts and adequate street lighting at night. Introduction of sidewalks, crosswalks and separate traffic lanes also.

    -Encourage the use of public transport as less accidents if there are less vehicles (since everyday an average of 60,000 vehicles enters Port-Louis)

    – More campaigns on Road Safety should be conducted at schools to raise awareness among youngsters. They should be taught road safety culture and that highways are not meant to be crossed and that hit, and run is not a solution.

    -Speed limit would be effectively more controlled.
    -People would respect laws regarding road safety since penalties are more severed.
    – More lives would be saved by wearing seat belts and having child safety seats.
    -Drivers would be well formed, hence a decrease in accidents and maybe traffic jams.
    -Better vehicles’ safety conditions (tyres safety)
    -Motorcyclists and cyclists are safer
    -Motorcyclists are well-trained with respect to speed limit and respecting others.
    -Road Infrastructure would be better hence helping the drivers to drive carefully though better sign posts and better street lighting.
    -Youngsters are taught how to reach their home safely while knowing the road safety culture.
    -More economic advantages (save on fuel costs) using public transports.

    The solutions are here and it now depends on The Government to make it happen.

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