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    Mauritian education is currently a highly competitive academic rote learning system that also leaves a good proportion of kids behind who may not be academically apt/not have all opportunities be left behind. This can also be a source of other societal ills in the Mauritian society. Those who manage to cope with the highly competitive system have to endure unnecessary stress and don’t develop appropriate soft skills.

    Potential Solutions (if any):
    – Teachers should be highly trained professionals and recognized as such. Professionals selected from the best of the nation’s graduates to earn a required master’s degree in education
    – Administrators in Education ministry should also have been educators and through the system instead of being just career office administrators
    – Keep homework given to school children to a minimum and give them time for more extra-curricular activities
    – Develop other streams for less pure academic inclined students from 15-16 years who are more hands on
    – Develop exchange programs with foreign institutions in the region to permit youngsters to study/live abroad for a semester or academic year
    – Children should be taught how to reason critically, how to debate using logic and facts while remaining cool headed and civil
    – Teaching of (Mauritian context based with concrete examples) values at school, as well as a continuous national campaign to distil these values into the general population. Possible avenues: Respect of oneself (Knowledge of rights and responsibilities, one should strive to become a better version of our previous self), Respect for others (ex: no demeaning name calling, particularly based on gender, community, race, etc…, bullying is not tolerated), Preservation of the environment (Use litter bins, use less packaged/non-recyclable goods, clean up after, prefer less energetic appliances, transports etc…), Work for the unity of the Mauritian nation, etc…

    – A more inclusive education system for all citizens of Mauritius
    – A more adapted and wholesome citizens of tomorrow who are ready for a globalised world
    – Mauritian professionals who are recognized for their expertise and quality

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    One should take into consideration the socioeconomic situation of finland (and other touted Nordic Countries). Those are a almost homogeneous society with a mostly middle to upper middle class society, belonging to a very monolithic ethnical background which has been isolated and not change much over the years and faced much turmoil together. Those societies are also very heavily taxed and well managed allowing government to provide much in term of social surroundings and extra currricular and after school activities. Also parents are much more able to be with their kids during their development. Hewnce simply copy pasting that model and glorifying it without making an in depth analysis for the reason of its success is not a great idea.

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    I think that all the ideas (no ‘glorifying’) are being rejected outright just because they took a look at the Finnish system (Not Invented Here syndrome?) One of the articles linked to does in fact deal with children from mostly immigrant backgrounds. Could you please propose better constructive alternatives in the context of the Mauritian system?

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