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    The main problem of students is that they are learnt but not experienced and the most experienced student with a degree has the job. Actually, this fact is quite harsh but employers will want their employees to understand the job atleast depending on the level of responsibility and this start with good experience from the job market. The unemployed graduate is a reality as they are unexperienced. It is a reality that graduates do not want to do any job unrelated to their field of study and they are completely understandable.
    Hence, there should have the creation of ‘University business canter’ where graduates can exercise their theories and learnings into practice. The creation of such a center will complement the employers’ need for experienced workers. We are catering for the experience that they would have earned from work-based learning programmes given by many businesses and proposed by most universities to their students.
    The business would be such that it will not affect the study time of the students and all fields will help as per their faculties to make the businesses a success. The student may spend an average of 5-8 hours per week to the creation of goods and services. For instance, a particular class may choose to work only on Saturday and Sunday which will not affect their studies. On top, the lectures may give assignments related to their business but this will mostly be for year 1 students as year 2 and yaer3 students are mostly assessed on the real application on the real market situations. They will get certificates of experience that will satisfy the employers and in year 1, they will get the beginners certificate of experience, in year 2, they will get the intermediate certificate and in year 3, they will get the professional certification. Some students may not choose to participate and they will not get the certificates.
    The businesses will be such that the field that does food production would be employed in the production of food and they will be accompanied by the health and safety for sanitary purposes, the management students for managing their paper works and ethics, the finance students for the financing part, the lab students for the testing of the food samples and the agriculture students for probing good quality ingredients and application methods, the marketing students involved in marketing the products, the law students can assist in compliance works and so on. The classes will be divided in groups for assistance and ease in management. The sustainable development students may produce biodegradable packaging for the products and more such products. The tourisms students will accompany to make promotional videos about the products and they can also do documentaries and post on social media with the help of the film industry of Mauritius. But all faculties can help according to a time table in the production as required. The production of food products for diabetes that may be more demanded. But whichever the products or services that will be produced, it will depend on demand from the market. Three is also the export capabilities of such products as demanded by foreign buyers.
    Everybody will be involved at their own level. The lecturers would surely help as they are quite helpful as per my experience. It will also be a fun experience for students and mostly more ideas and innovative products and services may be developed. Another such example can be that the journalism students and linguistic students may open a newspaper that tell about the actualities of the global news and they may criticise and analyse some facts and surely they will get arts students help to draw cartoons. They can be assisted in the sales by the marketing students that will apply their learnings of consumers’ behaviours toward the products in order to increase their revenues. This newspaper can be made available once a moth so giving them time for editing. These businesses will be in collaboration with the private and public sectors. Their advices would be useful to set up good businesses models. This is also the step-stone for students who wish to have their start-ups in the future. These businesses will surely not bring as much revenues but every student may earn Rs 1000 per month. But finance students may choose to reinvest those money into the security market and gain higher profits but those gains will come with time. The engineering students would have a much bigger business as they will develop both hardwares and software and also create toys and useful objects that will be produced externally and some may be produced locally.
    However, the problem is that who will finance such projects? The government will not give much as it becomes too costly for the state as there should have the creation of spaces to allow production and for keeping the equipments. Then, if there is the contribution or sponsorship of the private sectors in pooling funds to start the set-ups of the center and if ever banks give loans without asking for collateral. These projects may cost too much in terms of logistics and administration and expertise and even monitoring.
    The idea is to allow students to practice for the job market. The students will not search for internship with companies as those companies will be assisting them in the businesses. Mauritius will be the first to create such a center that enables its students to practice and acquire experiences while studying though some private institutions do it but it is not at such extent. This could reduce unemployment rate for young graduates by a huge extent as they may enter in higher management and help the businesses as long as they get another employment opportunity. The secondary will be encouraged to do hard work in order to enter universities where such learnings and experiences are given.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please note that i made some mistakes in the above submission. Like instead of writing University business center i wrote something else. Somewhere i wrote moth instead of month and also i missed some words. I saw the mistakes while revisting it. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    With regards.

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