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    Without any doubt, Mauritius is full of talented people as far sports is concerned. However, in our history, only few have been able to break through in their career and at international level with the likes of Stephan Buckland, Eric Milazar, Bruno Julie, Fabrice Bauluck, Ranini and Cundasamy. Even our most famous sport, that is, Football, is struggling to find its glorious days.
    Potential Solutions:
    (1) Setting up of sports complexes at ‘strategic’ places. In this context, ‘strategic’ means a place whereby there is the possibility of producing the maximum number of elite athletes. One such I would suggest is at Riambel, Surinam, just beside African Town, Cite Riambel and NHDC Riambel. This region is well-known its relatively large amount of athletes, especially professional football players who plays in the Mauritian Football League and the National Team and even the U17 National Team. If a sports complex is set up in such a region, there will be the possibility of producing more such athletes. Also many children from this region comes from less fortunate families and they will fully benefit from these facilities and for this particular region, there is the Southern Handicapped School nearby and children from this school can make the most of it. It will also be beneficial to children and inhabitants from surrounding regions such as Riviere des Galets.
    (2) Provide proper sports conditioning facilities to produce better and more ‘complete’ athletes. One of the reasons that we struggle to break through in Sports could be that we do not consider all aspects of sports conditioning but rather we focus only on skills training. To be able to reach a higher level in sports, our focus should be to cover all the requirements/aspects of Sports Conditioning. During training sessions we must make sure that we cover all of these:
    – Strength training
    – Speed and acceleration training
    – Plyometrics training
    – Power training
    – Flexibility training
    – Agility training
    – Stability training
    – Cardio
    – Skills training
    Only then we will produce more ‘complete’ athletes. We must make sure that the sports complexes built provide facilities and equipment for all the types of training mentioned above and no stone is left unturned.
    (3) Devise nutritional programs for athletes
    Nutrition plays a vital role in sports performance. After all, what we eat acts as a fuel in the sports we practice. With that in mind, nutritional plans should be devised for our national athletes. We must ensure that they are getting the right amount of food intake and type of food for optimum performance whether in training or competitions. Different athletes would require different type of nutrition depending upon the type of sports they practice. For instance, the food intake of a rugby man is completely different from that of a marathon runner in amount and type.
    These food could also be provided in the sports complexes mentioned above so as to help children from less fortunate families strive in sports.

    (1) Improve level of sports in Mauritius and becoming more competitive in international competitions
    (2) Gain international recognition in sports
    (3) These sports complexes will help talented people develop to their full potential and eventually have a career in sports
    (4) If sports complexes are built in regions as the one mentioned above, they can help in poverty alleviation. Several children from these regions comes from broken and/or less fortunate families and usually have difficulties in their academic studies. However, these children develop other skills and sports forms part of one of them. These sports complexes might act as a stepping stone for them to have a career in sports.
    (5) Prevent youngsters from falling into social ills.
    (6) Impact the tourism industry. If we gain international recognition in sports, then sportspersons on vacation might choose Mauritius as their destination as at the know they will get the appropriate facilities and completion for training at the same time they enjoy their vacation. Moreover, they are sportsperson who go to specific countries for training purposes due to the good performances and reputation of their athletes at international events. For instance, athletes from all across the world go to Kenya for marathon training.

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