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    Asvin Kattal

    The long-lasting drain problem in Mauritius is increasingly becoming a nuisance for the country. There is inevitable property damage which costs a lot to our country. There are our own citizens who have to abandon their homes to seek asylums as refugees. Hence it is an increasingly problematic situation. The recent incidents may talk by themselves and therefore actions need to be taken. The already existed solution is to build drains which seem to function but not totally in heavy rainfall.
    Hence the solution is to have a funnel installed at the doorsteps of every citizens mostly affected and where drainage system already exist. The funnel will have an aspirator installed as an engine to pull the water into it. The funnel will have pipes which will be connected to a place where the water is easily disposed of without causing further damage. The place can be a river or land or a place well-dug where the water is easily absorbed.

    The funnel will be equipped with a button which will be connected to the house of the citizens. They will just press on the button and the system will start to work. They will have the responsibility to keep the system clean abs see to it that the drains are cleaned and that the system has not been tempered with or stolen. They will be partially responsible for not reporting any damage caused to the system as it is installed for their own safety. Benefits: This system could save the property from damages and surely keep citizens safe. It also replaces the pumping system of the police which tends to operate where water has already accumulated and the damages have already been caused. Other benefits: We may export this idea to other countries. Tourists will also see Mauritius at another point of view where the citizens’ satisfaction is at utmost priority.

    As far as, the drains are concerned. We can have a drain rover which will be controlled from long –distance through a computerised system. The rover will be operational under the drains and can still work even if turned upside down much like a space rover on Mars. It will have big tyres and light to illuminate the passage and equipped with a camera. It can be made waterproof and dust-proof. But new drains can easily install a rail for the rover to work properly. Benefits: The rover will look for obstruction and the cleaners will just clean at that place and this can be less time-consuming. The rover may also be followed by another rover which can clean the sewage or clear the path of mud accumulated and it will be equipped with rolling dusters. The wastes could be staked at one place and collected by cleaners at the end of the drains.

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    If citizens are not keeping the current drains free from clutter and waste and block them with construction etc. despite it being for there safety it is very unlikely they will maintain the new system especially in the usually affected regions.

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    Asvin K.

    Good answer from you sir. We should continue our quest in being like that. We all hail our efforts and we should consider your answer as viable. Your “discussion” is the best comment ever. Thank very much. Long live Mauritius.

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    Sookur sooviraj

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