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    Carry out of plastics bottles and aluminum cans for recycling. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans in to-days lives are a major environmental problem to every country. We always find empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans everywhere and anywhere: homes, backyard, beaches, sea, mountains and etc. In the absence of placing selective sorting bins, we do note of the increasing of the “throwaway mentality ” in mauritius and rodrigues. To-day we can describe them debris as it has disastrous consequences for us and our living environment, even though companies that used these plastic bottles and cans are doing their best tricks so that consumers could collect and return it after. So, more and more are being produced and very little are being collected and returned to the recycling companies. Thus, many more are left in the nature although lot of awareness campaign are being done. So far, the government and local authorities had shown their concern only through laws and regulations. However, placing of selective sorting bins in some regions for the collection of these products has not proved to be an effective solution.
    Potential solutions.
    To develop a plastic bottle and aluminum cans crusher machine which will be user friendly and used to flatten for compacting plastics bottles and aluminum can which will be placed in villages, shopping center, bus station, markets and so on for more proximity and accessibility. The device is an alternative model in the existing reality and parts could be commanded and mounted in mauritius and rodrigues.
    1. The machine will be user friendly, transportable and can be accessible thus allowing the flattening of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. For example, a plastic water bottle measures in diameter to approximately 85mm, a soda plastic bottle approximately 110mm and an aluminum can 65mm. After being flattened it will have measured to an approximate of one-fifth of its original volume. Then a lorry which carry 500 plastic bottles or aluminum cans from collectors to its recycling factory, would carry 2500. Thus, it also reduces the transportation cost of fuel and time consuming.
    2. This innovative device is a product adaptation which would focus and function to create an innovation for creating more small entrepreneurs who will collect & flattened plastic bottles & aluminum cans for recycling in their nearest residents in towns and villages for more sustainable environment. Hence, there will be less wastes in the environment.
    3. This idea is replicable for an economical cost to extract profit in a small steady step in joint venturing with recycling companies, municipalities, district councils, malls, beach authorities. It will be an effective approach to further satisfy the expectations of those concerned so that mauritius and rodrigues become an ecological island.

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