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    Laval Chan

    The level of pollution from exhaust gases from all the vehicles running in Mauritius is alarming. There is approximately more than 500,000 vehicles registered in Mauritius and every year more than 10,000 new vehicles are being registered. All these vehicles produce carbon from the very first kilometer they run because
    1. The engines do not burn the fuel completely,
    2. There are impurities in the fuels sold,
    3. The frequent starts/stops made in one trip due to traffic jams.
    The carbon accumulated inside the engine will reduce the life time of the parts in the engine and will also block the Catalytic Convertor for petrol engine or the Diesel Particulate Filter for diesel engine and the exhaust pipes. As a consequence, the noise and revolution of the engine will start to increase. The vehicle will not be as responsive as the first time you take it out for a test drive leading to an increase in fuel consumption as well as oil. When a lot of carbon has accumulated in all of these places, the vehicle start to give out black smokes in their exhaust pipes which is visible in our roads.
    The current regular servicing that we have in Mauritius consists of
    1. Changing black and/or dark oil from the engines block,
    2. Changing the oil filter,
    3. Changing the four spark plugs,
    4. Changing the air filter.
    This procedure is not adding a lot of benefits for the vehicle or the owner given that the parts inside of the engine is still full of carbon deposits. A lot of drivers report that the oil in their engines becomes darker or black in a short period of time well before reaching the next servicing kilometers. As we all know black oil also leads to smoke production. As more and more carbon is accumulated in the Catalytic Convertor (petrol engine) or Diesel Particulate Filter (diesel engine), the vehicle will not pass the emissions control test given that the level of Hydrocarbon (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrous Oxide (NO) is very high. These gases are very toxic to human health and can also lead to death.
    So, what is the solution?
    Ever since the engine starts to burn fuel, it will produce carbon. The accumulation of carbon produced by the engine itself is the main culprit. This carbon will deposit in expensive parts of the engine as well as the Catalytic Convertor/Diesel Particulate Filter and the exhaust pipes. If we can get rid of the carbon deposits inside these parts, then the pollution will be reduced but not eliminated given that the engine will still produce carbon which is one of the weaknesses of the engine. The best way to get rid of the accumulated carbon is by heat. However, the accumulated carbon will be difficult to be lifted from the walls of the engines and pipes unless a cleaning agent is used. This cleaning agent has to be neutral, not corrosive to the engine block and pipes as well as to the health of the operator. The property of this cleaning agent is to get diffused in all the nooks and crannies of the engine, catalytic convertor and exhaust pipe in order to lift the carbon deposits. Now that the carbon deposits are lifted from anywhere they have landed, they will react with hydrogen gas produced from a machine known as HHO 6.0 machine and produce Hydrocarbon (HC) a fuel. This hydrocarbon (HC) will be burned by another gas Oxygen produced by the same machine thus eliminating the carbon deposits. At the same time, as the cleaning agent is lifting the carbon deposits, it will form a protective film to increase the compression in the engine.
    The HHO 6.0 machine produces the two gases Hydrogen and Oxygen by the process of electrolysis and the volume of the gases can be increased or decreased by altering the voltage used. This machine can be used twenty four hours a day and seven days a week without stopping and everytime produces the same reliable and excellent results with the combination of the cleaning agent. Given that carbon deposits have been eliminated from all these parts, the catalytic convertor or the diesel particulate filter will be as new that is works as intended. Carbon monoxide will be oxidised to carbon dioxide which is less toxic to human health. Nitrous oxide will also be converted to Nitrogen an inert gas. Newer carbon produced by the engine will be oxidised to water and carbon dioxide.
    In this process, a reduction of 70-75% of these toxic gases can be noticed leading to a reduction of pollution in our beautiful and touristic country. The latest technology available combining a machine producing hydrogen and oxygen gases and a cleaning agent to get rid of the carbon deposits in the engine, the catalytic convertor or diesel particulate filter and the exhaust pipe is available in the form of HHO 6.0 machine. Furthermore, the process takes only twenty minutes to perform its duty so that customers do not have to wait long before running their vehicles again. This process can perform on all types of Internal Combustion Engines for all types of vehicles. The benefits of getting these parts cleaned are namely:
    1. The sound of the engine is reduced.
    2. The revolution of the engine is lowered.
    3. The vehicle is more responsive that is when you touch the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will respond faster.
    4. The power of the engine is restored.
    5. Economy of oil is observed given that the oil will become darker or black a longer time after the service.
    6. Economy of fuel is noted given that power is obtained without having to press the accelerator pedal harder.
    7. The expensive parts in the engine, the catalytic convertor or diesel particulate filter and the exhaust pipe will be maintained for a longer period.
    8. Pollution will be reduced dramatically leading to a healthy environment for all the users of the road.
    9. Accidents will also be reduced given that when the vehicle’s engine is clean, it will be more responsive to the driver’s intention.

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    perlito cabauatan

    Hi, I’ve invented device/s that greatly reduce diesel emissions down to less than 1% opacity. It is now used in our country to reduce diesel emissions from engines which are old (20yo) and the latest cars (euro4). nuvinuvi.blogspot.com thank you

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    perlito cabauatan

    this is a rejoinder to my posts of Aug 3, 2009. I guess nobody had examined the contents of my blog.
    pls see the videos on how our our technology could greatly reduce diesel emissions. thank you

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