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    The application that could help people in booking their restaurants before visiting them. All restaurants could group under this app with their prices and places and their available tables at specific time hence people can consult and book their tables. The reservations could be made with only at Rs 50 and in turn this could be refunded on the bill as a discount. If ever the persons did not turn up 15 minutes from the reservation time then the table goes to another person. This could help people decide about their day and help them make better decisions and save time. They can even get discounts depending on their loyalty to their specific restaurants.

    The application can also be designed to allow the customers to decide on the quantity of ingredients to add to their menu. For instance, they may like less salty, less sugary or with more cheese or cooked with desired oil. There will have a parameter as in the menu the ingredients will show at 100% then you can increase or decrease the required ingredients or add new ones without forgoing the initial taste under supervision of the chefs. The cost will be calculates and given on the receipt. Obviously, you will pay in advance and collect the food at the desired time or stated time. Most local restaurants will accept it compared to international food chains. It benefits the health of the customers and they become more loyal and attracted to the service.
    This is a revolutionary to the food supply in Mauritius. For the table reservation, you may pay with the My.t, Chili or Emtel prepaid packages. The other services may be paid by the prepaid or credit bank cards or any debit cards as desired on ground of safety. The application can be used to compare prices of hotels for a family vacation and they may also book catering services. There could be booking of air tickets in the future. The family may be at a vacation at an affordable price and enjoy a good family time.

    1. The government will create health-oriented restaurants for our citizens.
    2. Restaurants will know about customer feedback and improve and learn new techniques to adopt with their recipes to make them healthier.
    3. Our country will be one where we are concentrating on health our citizens.
    4. Further development would be that drones will be used for food delivery depending on government policies. The person would have to wait at a stop for its food to arrive as the drone will be automated and it will deliver only specific points.
    5. We will have supply of food 24/7 as some restaurants work till late.
    6. Some small restaurants and hotels would benefit from such a system and prevent them from shutting down and allows testing new ways of cooking for a better nation.
    7. This system also allows food management whereby any leftovers could be donated to associations which would like to collect them and offer them to SDF. There will have a special indication system on where the associations are required to collect the food.
    8. Later on, leftovers can be sent to SDF by the drones.

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    The project will depend upon the effective use of our resources in order to reduce wastages and adapt to the market system and mechanism.

    There are several production possibilties. Different employmeny of new techniques. The efficiency would surely increase. More importantly, we could see a health changer attitude from our citizens.

    Our cuisines could expand itself to more people at a healthier state. Other people could also opearate from homes withoout owning a restaurant space.

    Long live, Mauritius.

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    The further developments where the drones would have sealed boxes in which the food would be kept safely with codes. The drone would have camera in case of theft and obviously we would have the bank numbers and information of the customers which makes it easier to nab him/her as payments are made in advance via their app accounts. There will have a notification and as soon as the person stands at the landing place, the seller will land the drone and the buyer can open the box. there will have a charge of an additional Rs 20 for the energy used for the transportation.

    The citizens and tourists can locate their desired restaurants/hotels using google map tacker in the app to track the location of their shops and they would have freedom of choice.

    Two restaurants may own one drone and use it alternatively as per their time tables. The food supply will also depend on the weight as the drone may not carry food for too many people and there will have a limit that it can carry.

    Long live, Mauritius.

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