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    Even though we have seen a consequent amount of development in our country for the past 10 years, we also witness a number of families still living in poverty. According to the world statistics there are about 2.7 billion people living on $2 a day. It cannot be denied that the government keeps on helping but unfortunately sometimes the efforts do not look enough and we need to find innovative and sustainable methods to tackle the issue of poverty. Below are a few causes of what may lead poverty to a stagnation point:
    1. They do not have a proper job as they are mostly employed in lower-skilled milieu and therefore do not earn much.
    2. Why they don’t have a decent job? – they do not possess required qualifications, experience, etc.) needed today to be in a competitive market.
    3. Some of them are not very responsible at their workplace (too many absences, not productive, always arguing, always late, and the list goes on) and they are more likely to get fired.
    4. They eventually end up in drugs or jail as a result of frustration from a society or depression.
    Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him all his life. Actions that could be undertaken:

    1. Proper research and in depth search of people who are really living in poverty (Bureau CAB…).
    2. Pick a list of 100 or 500, 1000 or 2000 people (adults) for a start depending on budget allocated.
    3. Set up of a proper school curriculum or even a school establishment – there are already few unused or failed institutions- we can use their premises.
    4. Sign contract of 1 year with a stipend of approx Rs 8,000 per month (because they will need money for their daily expenses.
    5. Give them a school bus to pick them up every day and drop at home.
    6. Provide hot food every day and uniforms
    7. School curriculum can be based on below syllabus:

    • Grooming
    • Basic Reading and Writing
    • Understanding the legal System
    • Understanding Society
    • Communication skills
    • Interview skills
    • Basic Work Ethics – Performance Appraisal, Absenteeism, lateness etc..
    • Basic Business Studies
    • Health and safety, Basic Fire training, First Aid
    • Customers satisfaction – internal and external
    • Understanding Basic Accounting principles – eg. profit and losses, costs, margin, salary increment
    • Basic Housekeeping
    • Basic employment Laws – duty timing, OT, Salary Calculation,
    • General Knowledge – Drugs, unemployment, Politics, election, inflation, GDP,

    8. The trainee is paid on attendance and given a certificate
    9. After 1 year, govt can work with private sector to employ these individuals. Each company can employ them on contract basis and guide their career (contract based).

    Costing for 100 Families

    Salary – 10 Million
    Ministry of Education can create a division and absorb the costs
    Transport – Nil student Pass – transport gratis
    Food – Rs 60 per day Rs 1,500,000
    Uniforms – Rs 1000 per person Rs 1,500,000

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