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    Unemployment is contemplated to be a significant concern in Mauritius which has numerous negative influences on the nation such as strain, low self-confidence, loss of trust in the system, more crime & violence, more suicides and so on. One of the main repercussions is the erosion of resourceful and proficient citizens who are determined to take their expertise in a different country. Youngsters are in search of better quality life, higher salaries, access to advanced technology and more stable conditions in developed countries. Nonetheless, Mauritius invests massively in education and to provide scholarships to many students. Consequently, the country endeavors to motivate young professionals to work in the Mauritius after their studies.

    Potential solutions

    1. Mauritius should restyle itself to new world situation via modernization of existing sectors. Accents should be on the employment of more renewable resources. Since there are new competitions on the market nowadays, the country should furnish higher grade products and should possibly indulge in diversification as well.

    2. Besides the enlargement of existing sectors, it is paramount to discern new sectors as well. For instance, our sea resources are underdeveloped. Rather than importing fishes from other countries, Mauritius should develop this area.

    3. Efforts should be made in order to reshape people’s psychology. Youngsters should treasure all types of work especially technical jobs just like in Singapore, Australia and Canada. Not all blue-collar jobs are necessarily poorly rewarded. In some countries, garbage collectors can make up to $ 60 000 a year.

    4. Government should further coax entrepreneurs to exploit their entrepreneurship skills, think out of the box and be more prolific to progress. This can be attained via the provision of subsidies and lowering corporate tax.

    5. Young people should be enlightened about those sectors where there is a shortfall of skills e.g. ICT, Legal and Finance… Accordingly, they can pursue their education in that field in order to make the task of finding a job much easier. This would solve the problem of mismatch of skills.

    6. Provision of new courses at Universities is required in Mauritius. There are many graduates with degree in fields that are hitherto saturated on the market. Mauritius is in need of new skills to be able to develop new sector. New courses would help to form people to meet demand of industries that will emerge in the near future

    7. There should be an amplifier in the system regarding safety and security for tourists in order to boost up the tourism industry. With a rise in the rate of crimes towards tourists, the last-mentioned are more reluctant to come to the island.

    8. Consistent coaching should be proffered in order to make workers more suitable to deal with modern changes.

    9. Women participation rate in the economy of Mauritius is hardly 45% and 55% of them are unoccupied. Mauritian’s economic structure does not genuinely make place for housewives on the labor market unlike other economies. Women should be held equally high-yielding as men. Certainly, researches have showed females work harder and longer than men. It has also been established that a higher proportion of unemployed people tends to be female.

    10. Government should create hurdles in order to make it arduous for entrepreneurs to get access to international talents. This heightens scope for Mauritians which shall successively help the country to become a high income one.

    11. Enterprises should create the required conditions for women to integrate the labor market.

    12. Mauritius should make efforts to try to boost up its manufacturing sector especially via modernization and investment in technology. Diversification within the manufacturing sector can be done via digitalization, light engineering and industrial inventions.

    13. Mauritius should adopt a more inclusive system of education such that those who are not academically good can still participate in an active way towards economic development. There should be alternative school rather than just the traditional ones for drop outs. Students should be seen as a seed with its growth potential and educators should provide the climate for the seed to bloom.

    14. Being a promising sector, with rising prices and a positive growth rate, bio-agriculture should be developed further. This step will not only reduce the problem of brain drain and unemployment, but it will also boost up revenue sources for Mauritius.

    1. Less stress and more confident youngsters

    2. Mauritius will be able to achieve its goal into being a high income country and have a more important role Indian Ocean.

    3. Development of new sectors will increase output of the economy

    4. Less brain drain

    Prepared by
    the Economics Department:
    Sashila Ittoo
    Fara Boodhun

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